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Tracing a Family History

A beginner's experience with pointers to some free resources

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This two-week search for Pollie's ancestors has been a real joy and very educational.  I am grateful to the following people and organisations for making it so.

  1. Pollie and her family for their friendship and information

  2. Staff at Derbyshire County Council's Chesterfield Library Local Studies Section for their expert information and generous help.

  3. Mike Sims, CADFHS Chairman, for email information about Barker and Barber Lanes, South Terrace and Cutthorpe.

I am also grateful to the following for permission to use their screen shots and/or images in this website and in the accompanying film:

  • The National Archives (UK)

  • Dave Mayall, General Manager for freebmd

  • Merlyn Doney, Manager, Contracts & IP, Family and Church History Department, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  • The Public Transport Unit of Derbyshire County Council, UK.

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