The views expressed here are those of Mahes Visvalingam alone.  She is just an open-minded, curiosity-driven independent researcher whose teaching portfolio included The Philosophy and Methodology of Science to postgraduates at the University of Hull.  This site contains notes on her ad-hoc experimental use of natural remedies for treating her common ailments.  She is not a certified health professional.  She acknowledges that A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and that Curiosity killed the cat;  it may well kill her

There is the old saying that
One man's food is another man's poison. As with food, One mans medicine can be another man's aggravation, even if not poison.  This applies not only to allopathic drugs (leaflets enclosed in packets often cite contraindications) but also to some natural cures.  Many systems of natural healing classify people into types according to their constitution.  They believe that even the food which cures one person of an ailment may aggravate another's condition.   So, the accounts provided in this website are for information only and for use by researchers interested in case studies.  You should not act on it without consulting a suitably trained medical professional.  Mahes Visvalingam shall not be held responsible or liable for any use of the information contained in this website.

I have provided links to other interesting sites.  Please read widely before you decide to try a treatment.  Much of the literature on the effectiveness of alternative therapies tend to be second-hand accounts.  First-hand accounts (like mine) tend to be anecdotal and subjective and may be contradictory and confusing.  This is inevitable given that people respond differently to treatments (see controversy).  If you wish, you can publicise your comments and personal experiences through my web blog Messages for Mahes Visvalingam.  Please see my notes on how to use this facility.