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Some Experiences with Natural Medicine
and related observations



Natural Medicine  

This website was prompted by the current controversy over NHS-funding for Alternative Medicines.  It provides an anecdotal record of home cures which have worked/failed for me and people whom I know personally.  It is a useful resource for us in case we forget what we did the last time.  I also note some of the triggers which I believe caused those ailments and illnesses and present other debatable ideas. 

Scientists often draw on systematic records kept by others.  I hope that this rather belated effort will find wider use in the research of others. 



Food Cures




Complementary therapies are now available through the NHS although it may not be available in your area.  The NHS Trust Association has compiled a Directory of Practitioners for use by the medical profession and if you are unable to gain access to a therapist, this page - http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/complementary-alternative-medicine/Pages/complementary-alternative-medicines.aspx tells you


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