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Future of the NHS 

I found out about The Future of the NHS (a book edited by Michelle Tempest) by chance when searching for something else on the web.  Professor Tempest has also set up an online forum to enable others to contribute to the debate.  Please do not let your lack of background knowledge put you off - it is the responsibility of those leading the debate to inform you so that you (the public) can voice your concerns appropriately.  So, post your questions on her web.


I too felt uncomfortable about making uninformed comments.  It is taking me a long time to locate, read, comprehend and reflect on relevant background information.  For my own future reference, I am compiling an online digest to:

  • note online sources of background information

  • identify some ongoing debates

  • record my attempts at analysis of the problem domain

  • pose some questions

  • post my tentative views

My sources, analyses and views are all open to revision.  Please feel free to contradict and correct me.   I hope that these notes will encourage others to make their views known through Professor Tempest's online forum.  (November 2007: I regret to say that I can no longer recommend the forum.  I got no response to questions posed on Dr Tempest's forum nor could I locate information on how to de-register myself from it  I repeatedly emailed the administrators seeking de-registration from this forum and have received no reply and find myself still on the growing number of registered members.)


Other NHS Topics

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