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End of Life Issues in Britain






This website was prompted by the Mental Capacity Act 2005 which came into force in October 2007.  This Act legalises passive euthanasia by enabling anyone over the age of 18 to make an Advance Decision to reject specific life-sustaining treatments, should they lose their mental capacity. This Advance Decision will be legally binding.  Where there is no Advance Decision, the Act gives the person appointed as an attorney the right to refuse life-sustaining treatment on behalf of the mentally incapacitated patient.  End of Life Care Programme initiatives have been already instituted for the terminally ill.


The following notes are my attempt to understand the implications of this legislation and note them so that I can make informed decisions.  Given that they represent my personal perspectives, I have included links to relevant source material I have come across to make it easier for others to consider other perspectives.  Please note that these are working notes, which are continually revised as I reflect on these issues and as I find more information. 


For example, I am having to completely review my pages after the publication of the Neuberger Report in July 2013, which indicates how the UK government can address the growing public concern and media outcry against the end of life care offered by the Liverpool Care Pathway.  The content of other online sources have also changed with these social and political changes.  Some online sources which I cited, have been archived , removed and/or modified and thus extracts cited in my content may no longer be present in the original sources.   Also, my understanding of these complex issues may be incorrect.   You should therefore seek to double check the material and opinions provided here - and come to your own conclusions. 



Political Background

Philosophical viewpoints and ethical positions
End of Life Care Initiatives

   Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) adopted in late 1990s

   LCP withdrawn in July 2013 following Neuberger Report

   Neuberger Recommendations for :

      The nation


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